Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Great Canadian Honeymoon Part III

Here is the last and final post of our honeymoon. The last 2-3 days of our trip were probably my most favorite. We took a beautiful drive up to Jasper on a particularly chilly/rainy day and went canoeing on Moraine Lake and at Lake Louise.
Peyto Lake
Bow Lake
Peyto Glacier
The Columiba Ice field in Jasper National Park
Stopping to skip rocks on the side of road. I was pretty paranoid about bears the whole time on our trip, which I regret in hindsight because we didn't even end up seeing one. So while Mike skipped rocks I was on bear watch. 
Handsome husband
The colors of this place!
Canoeing on Moraine Lake. We were so glad we happened to be early risers this day. We got to the lake around 10am because we planned to canoe on Lake Louise as well that day and didn't want to rush. We left Moraine Lake at noon and they had closed the road up to the lake because there were too many people already. AH! There is always that conflict in me about touristy places like this, the crowds can sometimes ruin the experience a bit, but for us our solution will always be get there early. Also to really keep the crowds away, take a hike. Most tourists in Banff don't like to walk more than a 100 ft. from there car, which you can have the luxury of doing and still get amazing pictures and see so much beauty.
Quite the photogenic place
Canoe part 2 on Lake Louise. We decided to use our Moraine Lake plan with Lake Louise and got there at 8:30am on our last day in Banff. The lake was empty and we were the first ones out on the water. 
The fog cleared right when we finished canoeing. 
Goodbye Banff, you were perfect. We then began our long 12 hour journey home. We left Banff at 11:00am, got back into the US around 4:00pm and arrived back to our home in Seattle at11:00pm. We were pooped to say the least, but so glad to be home as husband and wife. 
It was so wonderful traveling with Mike. We have gone on small trips together before but nothing like this. It was so fun to laugh together and suggest crazy dreams for the future (like moving to Europe, learning a new language, building a house, getting a dog, maybe having babies, going to grad school, and adventuring in the mountains). We came away from this trip knowing it was just the first of many more to come!

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  1. Very envious of your incredible trip. I have some friends that moved to Banff for a few months during the winter and had the most amazing experience. Your photos of the majestic waters though. Beautiful!