Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Classy Lady Wish List

Tomorrow I start a new job and I am pretty excited/nervous about it. I have to dress like a classy lady everyday and I am pretty excited/nervous about that as well. Excited because it will be fun to play dress up everyday but nervous that it will get old and that I will cry many tears for my jeans. I created a little classy lady wish list to inspire me to be all about professional dress. 

1. Statement Necklace: Classy but still edgy and not too glitzy.

2. Make-Up Bag: All of my make-up (which isn't that much by the way) is in a plastic bag under my sink. I feel like classy ladies have make-up bags, especially ones with french words on them.

3. The Classic Dress: This dress screams "Look at me, I'm an adult!" Maybe I'll even wear it with nylons, nude heels, a cardigan, and red lipstick. Talk about classy.

4. Fancy Boots that aren't from Target or Old Navy: I officially dubbed these boots as my reward for getting a job. I have been holding out for a long, long while to purchase these bad boys. They are made with real italian leather and won't wear out after a month or two. I'm still going to wait a little while longer and see if they go on sale (because I still can't justify the price). 

5. A Kate Spade Planner: Now what is classier than Kate Spade? Plus I am into the watercolor book illustration on the front.

6. A Signature Scent: I have never really been into perfume until I took a whiff of No. 31. It is literally enchanting. And I want to smell enchanting. I feel like the classiest of classy lady things to have is a signature scent.  

P.S. all this blogging has been fun but it will probably be much slower now that I will be working again. Putting together this post was a fun way to celebrate my last day of unemployment/being a lazy bum all day.

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