Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Sea and the Woods

Last weekend a dear friend and I adventured down to the Oregon coastline. 

The weather was foggy and wet, but it suited us well.

The best things about a girls trip is having ice cream for lunch two days in a row.  

This was Apsen's farthest trip from home. 
(Who is Aspen you ask? She is my 2003 Subaru Outback)

Cape Kiwanda

Meg and I grew up backpacking, so to us, car camping is a luxurious thing. 

(Left): St. John's Bridge (Right): Here comes a big statement... This was the best ice cream I have ever had. Sorry Molly Moon's.  Salted Almond Brittle, you slay me.

Portland Rose Garden

Portland is to be my home for the first half of 2014, I am quite the lucky gal.
 There has always been something about the sea and the woods that soothes me; the smell of the earth and salt water releases my mind from many heavy things. It was bliss.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Where my heart is home

While I was home, I had the sweet freedom to drive up highway one through Big Sur all by myself. I listened to Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, and old mix tapes that I made when I was sixteen. It was bliss and I can't remember the last time I felt that free.

 This babe was biking from Monterey to SLO, thats a lot of miles of beauty and sketchy roads. She is such a strong woman. 


I went back to the homeland for 4 sweet days over labor day weekend, it was my first time home in nine months. This trip was balanced, peaceful, honest, and kind; just what I needed.

Mt. Rainer from the plane

Whenever I come home, the first thing I want to do is see the ocean. 

Morro Bay, CA

When in California, do as the Californians do.

Pops. During this trip home he told me some crazy and wild stories from his past. It involved adventures working on a yacht in Costa Rica and scuba diving in Hawaii. He is quite the father. 

I ate mexican food, not this "I'm Seattle and I'm a million miles away from mexico" business. After the beach, Tacos de Mexico is second on my list.

My wonderful mother

Sometimes what shocks me the most about coming home is how different the climate is. I missed the mighty oaks and the brown grass. 

Weekend of Glory

Earlier in August my mother had planned to fly up and spend the weekend with me near Mt. Baker, little did I know she had a big surprise for me. My mom was waiting for me at the airport with my best friend in tow. It felt great to experience that oh-so human moment of great surprise. It was quite the blessing.

This was our cozy little cabin for the weekend.

The North Cascades have been called the Swiss Alps of the U.S.

That large, snowcapped peak that looks like the Matterhorn is Mt. Baker

Some quality ladies came up for the day to hike. Those blessings just keep coming.

this view, forever please.

I finished East of Eden on this trip. That book and I have a long history, it deserves its own post. 

quiet woods

The darling was able to join us for a day. Blessings.

 He came armed and loaded to a cabin of six women with bacon, chocolate, and homemade pancakes. Lord, bless him. 

On the way home we stopped on Whidbey Island. As much as I loved the mountains, there is something about water that calms me.

Deception Pass

My two favorite people in the same place. Joy.

It was absolutely magical. I was reminded of how giving of a mother I have, I hope one day I can do half as much for my children as she has done for me.