Thursday, September 12, 2013

It has been quite some time, has it not?

It is September 12th. This blog tells me the last time I posted was August 4th. Woopsy Daisies.

Here are some legitimate and illegitimate excuses: I was busy. My computer was kaput for a bit. I was too lazy to grab my iphone chord and plug it into my computer and load my photos. It was easier to just go on pinterest and instagram. I was in a blog rut. 

So to you few (most likely very few) followers out there, the blog is back in business. I really want to redesign this puppy and pretend I know what I am doing, but every time I look at HTML anything I just say "ain't nobody got time for that."

Life has changed and transitioned. I am no longer a camp counselor for kids with special needs, I really didn't want that job to end. Now fall is on its way and I am working as a part-time nanny, enjoying the indian summer that WA provides us. 

Enough of that, here is a slew of photos from the past month:

This quote. This couch. 

This book. Absolutely beautiful. 

Pacific Northwest summers are for wild berry picking. 

Remember that time I trained for a triathlon? Well, I did it! It was inspiring, fun, empowering, and just enough of a challenge. Then I didn't exercise for 3 weeks...

Why is everything cuter in baby form? Baby overalls make me die. This sweet, adorable, model of a child is Audis, Mike's nephew.

Baked some pistachio, dark chocolate, sea salt cookies. Recipe adapted from Joy the Baker. I did everything the same but I used regular sea salt instead of smoked salt and I browned the butter, DUH! If you have never baked using browned butter before then I will weep on your behalf. It is life changing.

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