Thursday, September 12, 2013

Weekend of Glory

Earlier in August my mother had planned to fly up and spend the weekend with me near Mt. Baker, little did I know she had a big surprise for me. My mom was waiting for me at the airport with my best friend in tow. It felt great to experience that oh-so human moment of great surprise. It was quite the blessing.

This was our cozy little cabin for the weekend.

The North Cascades have been called the Swiss Alps of the U.S.

That large, snowcapped peak that looks like the Matterhorn is Mt. Baker

Some quality ladies came up for the day to hike. Those blessings just keep coming.

this view, forever please.

I finished East of Eden on this trip. That book and I have a long history, it deserves its own post. 

quiet woods

The darling was able to join us for a day. Blessings.

 He came armed and loaded to a cabin of six women with bacon, chocolate, and homemade pancakes. Lord, bless him. 

On the way home we stopped on Whidbey Island. As much as I loved the mountains, there is something about water that calms me.

Deception Pass

My two favorite people in the same place. Joy.

It was absolutely magical. I was reminded of how giving of a mother I have, I hope one day I can do half as much for my children as she has done for me.

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