Sunday, August 4, 2013

Summer Keeps Marching On

Seattle summers are a magical thing. The city takes of its blanket of gray and gives us sunshine for a good two months; and we soak up all we can get.

I've been getting back into cycling... that triathlon I signed up for is two weeks away, eek!

I've been kayaking/swimming/enjoying Lake Washington

I've been cutting Dahlias like there is no tomorrow

I've been spending good, quality time with this man

I've been helping kids rock climb, cycle, hike, kayak, etc. AND I've been getting paid for it. Dream job.

I've been getting quite the Chaco tan from said job

The darling and I had a day off together. So naturally we rode our bike to brunch at Portage Bay Cafe

If you've never been to Portage Bay, I'm sorry. Please rearrange whatever is keeping you from going there and go. RIGHT NOW. get the oatmeal cobbler french toast. DO IT. 

I got to spend a day with old friends and be a Seattle tour guide. There is nothing else I love more then sharing this city with people who have never experienced it. At the end of the day I always feel so grateful to live in this amazing place. 

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