Thursday, September 25, 2014

Autumn Survival Kit for the Pacific Northwest

Fall is here, Trader Joe's is officially overrun with pumpkin EVERYTHING (even pumpkin flavored dog treats because dogs need to celebrate fall too), and the temperatures are starting to drop. As much as I love fall, its coming means that The Deadly 4 is on its way. What is The Deadly 4? It's what I call the 4 months of winter that the Pacific Northwest experiences. Halfway through November we change our clocks and the trees become bare and then we wait; through the darkness and the rain and the cold, until the middle of March when finally, FINALLY, blossoms start to peek out and we change our clocks again. During The Deadly 4 you eat a lot of grilled cheese and tomato soup and your feet are always cold (I swear my toes are frozen from November to March). Anyway, thinking about The Deadly 4 makes me think about cherishing autumn and taking pleasure in the little things that make this time, where the earth essentially dies, so beautiful. 

Below are some things that will be with me throughout fall.
1:: Stumptown Coffee - A PNW staple if you ask me. A good cup of jo is essential to enjoying cold, crisp fall mornings.

2:: A Way to Brew Said Coffee - The Chemex is really great. We got one as a wedding gift and I'm in love!

3:: Joseph - This PNW based band of siren-like sisters is incredible. I have literally been listening to it on repeat for days now. Plus their harmonies are pretty bad ass and when I'm home alone I definitely sing along with them.

4:: A Good Jacket - Living in the PNW requires a good jacket. It needs to be warm AND water resistant AND have a hood AND (if this is important to you) it needs to be stylish. Apparently Seattle is one of the worst dressed cities in the country because style isn't really our thing; REI is. Since I'm sort of into style (the functional kind) I think this H&M jacket would be a good choice.

5:: Bean Boots - I love my bean boots. I invested in a pair last fall and although they hail from the Northeast they are great for the Northwest as well.

6:: A Good Sweater - A warm sweater is essential for fall in my book. Preferably one that looks like your grandmother's, is way too big for you, and from Value Village. The one pictured here is from the British clothing company Toast. It is one of my favorite places for thriftspiration; aka where I love the style of their clothes but can't afford them so I find similar things at the thrift store.

7:: A Beautiful and Slightly Spooky Book - I think people often overlook the spookiness of fall. As much as I love the whole pumpkins and leaves situation, I am also into black cats, hocus pocus, and foggy walks through the woods. Jane Eyre seems to be an appropriate fall read to add a dash of spookiness to the season.

8:: A Good Smelling Candle - Never underestimate the power of a candle; it provides instant coziness.

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