Saturday, September 13, 2014


 It is almost mid-September and we are still getting settled into our cozy little house in Seattle. Sometimes I am still in awe of the reality of my life. Despite being unemployed and having a horrible time finding a job, life is sort of ridiculously idyllic. I live in a cottage in an adorable neighborhood with a handsome ginger (who somehow agreed to marry me) in the city of my dreams. Yes, life is good. God is good. Since I have more time on my hands than usual, I have been able to nest and give our house lots of attention. First things first was get rid of as much as possible. When my roommate moved out and all my things/Mike things got shuffled around I realized how much we both owned that we hadn't even looked at in over a year. That being said I took over 5 large trash bags to Value Village and it felt SO GOOD. No clutter is vital for this tiny little house and probably for my well being too.  I tried to register us for a lot of neutral colored things (whites and greys mostly). I did this because I believe the gifts we received we will have for years and I wanted them to be as timeless as possible. Everything seems to be working together quite nicely.

Evening stroll on the Tour de Little Free Library
Had our first date night in Seattle as a married couple
Rode our bikes to the Fremont Sunday Market on one of the last sunny days. 

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  1. I loved that book! So quirky. Also, everything you've done to your little cottage is adorable. Have fun nesting. ;)