Monday, December 30, 2013

Ramblings and Resolutions

It is that time of year my friends, a time for new beginnings and resolutions. Now, I am aware that setting goals along with the rest of society on January 1st is nothing new and I think the idea can  often be overlooked; it is way too easy to set goals for things that we know we will never accomplish (I cannot tell you how many half marathons I would have ran by now if I had followed through with all my goals...). It is too easy to use January 1st as a day of self-redemption, a day where finally we have the chance to start living the lives we always wanted. The truth is, if you have a goal and you want to make a change, start now, don't wait for a commercialized holiday to do it. 

So 2014, you are about to bring some crucial changes to my life and all I can say is, bring it on. 
1. In two days I move to Portland, OR for the next 7 months
2. In these 7 months I will start and finish a 1,200 hour clinical internship. It is going to be a tough one, friends.
3. It will be my first time being long-distance from my much loved fiance
4.. I am getting married... 15 days after this internship ends
5. I. am. getting. married. (sorry, this life event deserves two spots...) like "changing my name and being bound to one person till death due us part" kind of thing. Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled and I chose this, but there is no denying that it will be different than anything else I have ever experience and will take quite the bit of adjusting
6. I hope to start developing my career (which involves getting certified and fighting for a job in an economy that finds almost no monetary value in music, let alone a music therapist).

So here it goes... My goals for 2014 
(broken into subcategories because I am nuts and way too obsessed with this... but hey, they say being specific helps right?)
This may seem like a strange goal, but as I have assessed my daily life, I have noticed how often I waste my mornings, mostly with snooze buttons and screen time. I came to the conclusion that owning my mornings (aka taking the time to better myself as opposed to rotting my brain with facebook and hitting the snooze button 10 times...yes, I do that, daily.) might be the key to meeting more than just one goal. Morning time can be precious time.
-Be up and out of bed at least one hour before you need to walk out the door
-Meditate on Christ's love for you, cultivate gratitude, and surrender 
-Take time to look presentable. You are beginning a big-girl internship, no more rolling out of bed only to throw on your running pants and fleece. This means heels. This means lipstick. This means a pencil skirt. You can do this Julie. 
-Take time to sit and eat a wholesome breakfast. No more eating on the road or not eating at all!
This one is something that I always strive to work on. Stress can take a toll on your body and it is important to fight against it. Being a person who tends to worry too much and get anxious, I have to be extra conscious of when I just need to chill the heck out. 
-take baths and drink tea
-no screen time before bed (I have come to realize the internet does NOT help me to relax, it is too easy to get overstimulated)
-Instead, read before bed (hoping to read 1-2 books per month, also my new place doesn't have wi-fi so this will really help me)
-Don't rush yourself, you will get there when you get there. You are not God, so you can't part traffic like the Red Sea. Stressing about traffic isn't going to make you anymore on time. 
I have never considered myself to be very brave, yet my biggest fear in life is to be a coward. Also, being an introvert with self-esteem issues isn't the best combination. I tend to struggle with relationships, especially putting enough time and energy into them (seeing that social situations usually stress me out). There are no subcategories for this goal because how do you subcategorize bravery? It just seems way too uncool and besides the point. My hope and prayer for this year is that I take more relational leaps of faith and I think getting married is going to be a good place to start.
I say "stay" active because I am generally an active person. I used to be un-active, and then I was way too active to the point that it was unhealthy, and now I think I have found some sort of pseudo-balance. I really want to continue working on this so-called "pseudo" balance in 2014. (I say pseudo because I think that balance can just be another term for perfection, which is not what I am striving for, that sounds awful and exhausting.)
-Go to yoga twice a week (have you ever been to a class where you regretted in afterwards?)
-Run the Portland Rock n' Roll Half Marathon (yes! I know! Another half marathon goal. But I really mean it this time, in the past my goals were too unrealistic, but this is doable!)
-Trail run more often, its better for your body!
-Incorporate more strength training (twice a week!)
And in the end, my friends, this is really all that I desire. I hope and pray that this year I can focus more on the multitude of blessings that God has given me. It is too easy, way too easy. to fall into the darkness of discontentment and complaining. So here's to gratitude and joy!
-pick up your old gratitude journal and fill it up! (this was something I began last year and yes, did not finish)
And in the end, its all about grace. grace. grace. I have learned in my young 22 years of life to not take things so seriously. If I fall, I fall. It just gives me more chances to get back up, which is where the growth really takes place anyway.
Happy New Year!!

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