Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Getting Older, Getting Bolder

If you know me, then you know that I don't accessorize, I only own earrings and an old purse I have had since I was 17. I also don't own any make up, except for a sample tube of mascara, and I didn't realize the wonder of shoes until this year, I always thought it was warm boots for winter and chacos for summer, what else could I possibly need?

In a month I set off for my first professional job (well, by job I mean unpaid internship). Either way, I am required to dress professionally and present myself in such a way that people will take my fresh-out-of-college self seriously. 

In the past year I have slowly been rekindling my joy for personal style. For me this doesn't mean having to have the best of the best from the most expensive stores. I can walk into Value Village and feel the same thrill as when I walk into Anthropologie. Never, will I ever want to lose my "smart wool socks sticking out of my boots while wearing a floral dress over jeans" kind of style. But, during my time as an intern I do hope to spruce things up a bit and get a little bolder.

(1) Lipstick, lets do this (2) Floppy hats, I'm into you
 (1) Boot with rolled jeans, I do not fear you, lets make this work (2) Leather Jacket, you make me feel really intense and grown up
 (1) High-waisted pants, I will wear you with my shirt tucked in and own the fact that you make my tosh a little too noticeable (2) Madewell bag, you are highly overpriced, but you look much prettier than the purse I have had since I was 17, plus you have much more storage space. Maybe you can last me the next 5 years?

(1) Free People sweater, I want to wear you and feel like a sophisticated hippy woman (2) Leather earrings, you are the cutest little thing (3) Warby Parker glasses, I don't really need you, but I would be willing to fake a prescription just to look smart and bookish (4) Crescent necklace, I love your simplicity.

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