Friday, November 29, 2013

Wedding: The Registry

Last week Mike and I started putting together our registry. We went to Crate & Barrel, got our little scanner gun, and scanned the heck out of that place. Mike and I are going to be coming into this marriage with practically nothing. I own a few mugs and a couple bowls, while Mike lives in a furnished apartment and wouldn't have much otherwise. Honestly, creating a registry made us so excited because we could not be able to have these things on our own, we felt like little kids on Christmas morning. We started to feel bad about the more expensive items, but we had to remind ourselves that we could be cooking Thanksgiving dinner for our family with these pots & pans 10 years down the road. 

We decided to have three registry options: 
(1) Crate & Barrel: we used this mostly for kitchen items
(2) where you can register from anywhere 
(3) Honeymoon Registry: to fund our travels (destination to be determined)

From left to right: Anthropologie: (1) (3) (4) (6) West Elm: (2) (5)
Anthropolgie: (1) (2) Mazama Mugs: (3) Terrain: (4) 

Crate & Barrel: (1) (2) (3) (4) Macy's: (5)

Outdoor gear from REI

(1) Seattle Neighborhood Poster (2) Mustard Yellow Pillow (3) Wool blanket  
It's pretty clear Mike and I have a mash up of different tastes; we didn't want everything to be cookie cutter and matchy-matchy, so we stuck with what we liked. Even if that meant getting a tea pot from Macy's instead of Crate & Barrel because you liked the shape of that one better OR registering for handmade mugs from a company in Portland because they looked awesome and you know that they are well made. Our philosophy is that if we are going to have this stuff for a while, perhaps the rest of our lives, we want it to be made well and be meaningful to us. 

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