Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Weekend with Em

About a month ago my sweet friend Emily turned 22. I knew for this birthday she needed more than good facetime session and a possible lip sync to Taylor Swift's "22." Mike and I thought of the most selfish present ever, fly her up to Seattle for a weekend so we can have her all to ourselves! Having her here for was so refreshing and rejuvenating  Emily is the sweetest gift of a friend and I could not be more grateful for her in my life. 
We started the weekend off right with a walk around Greenlake

(Left): She came wedding dress shopping with me! Did I mention Em is my maid of honor?
(Right): We went out to Ballard for dinner and dessert. Have you been to Hot Cakes? Please give it a try, the heavens will open above you as you feast on their gooey, chocolatey decadence.

We adventured out of the city for the day and hike to Wallace Falls

 Emily has only been to Seattle in August, which is a very uncharacteristic month for the Pacific Northwest. She got to see this place for it's true colors; grey and more grey.

 We explored the nightlife on Capitol Hill. 

Went to see what all the hype was about at Von Trapp's. Big bar and big beer glasses. 

Had a lovely morning of sharing pastries, drinking coffee and having good conversation.

I made her pose for this touristy shot against her will. 
Until next time shmem. In the meantime, keep being the strong, brave, confident, badass of a women that you are. I love you.

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