Friday, January 17, 2014

Portland Beginnings

 I packed up Miss Aspen and headed south
[Left] Made it through my first week of my internship, this is a picture from the coffee house in the same building as our office (which is in an old stone church, by the way, pretty amazing.) [Right] Our office partners with other creative arts therapies, such as horticultural therapy. We did an awesome demo and now this little cutie is hanging above my bed.
Found some beauty on the Columbia River Gorge
 And some more in Forest Park, the weather has been rain, fog, and the occasional, miraculous sun break
 I became name-badge official
This handsome man came to visit me. We are figuring out this whole 180 miles apart thing. It really isn't too far compared to most long distance relationships but I have only ever known him with about 10 miles of distance between us. 

 We explored old town and spotted some famous Portland landmarks, exploring new cities is kind of one of my favorite things.
 It rained for the entire weekend, so what else can you do but eat? We went to a delicious brunch at Mother's Bistro and I got Mike to try the ridiculously over-hyped VooDoo Doughnuts, as far as doughnuts go we are Seattle fans through and through, Top Pot for life. (We take doughnuts very seriously by the way...)
When the rain finally let up we took a muddy hike in Forest Park
It has been a blessed transition. I am keeping myself open and receptive during this season, in many shapes and forms. I want to stay focused on why I am here and why I have come this far. Human connection is a beautiful thing, pour in music and there is so much creativity to paint a landscape of hope with. Creativity, thats why I started this blog in the first place right? May He use me, a young women of many imperfections, to bring hope and healing into this world. 

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