Friday, June 21, 2013

The Void that was May

So May was a black hole. But now, a month later, I reflect because it is never too late. 

Snapped a shot of this pink bus while eating mexican food on a curb. Can we say dream?

Rode a ferry to Bainbridge with my fellow music therapy nerds

Bonded with these housemates in our last month of school... so many papers!

Enjoyed the wonders of the beachside house of our professor

Made a trip to Portland for an interview

And of course Stumptown was included

Detoured to Multnomah Falls

Oh and did I mention this kid came with? God gave us the sweetest blessing of both having the same day off, which is a rarity in this season of life.

Adventure buddies for life

My favorite flower burst into bloom

I rode my bike to the shores of Lake Washington and took my first swim of the season!

And I finally put the chacos to work and got a suntan; summer bliss.

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