Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Winter Pinspiration

I've been going to town on my winter pinterest board. I've been feeling all kinds of inspired lately, which is saying something because winter is my least favorite season. Sure right now everyone loves it because, yay! Christmas. But come January things changes, and we turn our backs on winter, shut our eyes and wait for spring (or at least I do.) Over the past few years (okay since I moved to the NW because California doesn't have a winter...) I've been trying to undo the habit of ignoring winter and living under a blanket for four months. Mike and I are thinking of getting each other snow shoes for Christmas so we can get outside, explore, and stay healthier during the cold months. I've been trying to celebrate winter flavors in our meals, like citrus, cranberries, cardamom, dark leafy greens, garlic, and root vegetables. I've also been into holiday decor that can last all winter, sticking with winter whites, greens, browns, with just a hint of red and a few citrusy colors here and there. I love looking outside and seeing what's growing and then incorporating those colors into our indoor space. All in all, here is some winter pinspiration to keep us bright and healthy till March.
(1) Evergreen Garland (2) Foraged Goods (3) Colors: White, wood, and green (4) Boxwood Wreath
 (1) It is crocheting/knitting season (2) Mini trees from branches
(1) Tapered candles and a hint of gold (2) Tea and a hint of gold
(1) This picture is inspiring me to get outside this winter, snowshoes here we come! (2) Pretty logs (3) Bean Boots by a fire please (4) Sure, I'll cozy up in this cabin!
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