Thursday, December 4, 2014

Holiday Beginnings

 Just a quick warning: this post has a lot of pictures of evergreens :).
Here is a little update of our transition into winter and the beginning of the holiday season!
 We had a lovely thanksgiving at our brother and sisters house. We also stopped by cousins friendsgiving to see him and his parents as well. We ate ourselves into a coma and stayed up till 2:00am hanging with family, we partied hard. I made two pies: pumpkin with a gingerbread cookie crust and a cranberry/pear pie in which i forgot to put flour in the fruit filling and then it turned into pie soup (the crust turned out great though!!). 
On the saturday after Thanksgiving we woke up to a fresh blanket of snow outside. The snow stayed around for five whole days!!! It made decorating for Christmas even more magical. Sadly, it was all washed away today by the rain.
Mike, staring out at the snow. It was so relaxing to have four days off with this hunk. Also celebrating the holidays as newlyweds is pretty wonderful.
Saturday afternoon we drove out to the peninsula and got our first tree as a married couple! It was freeeeeeeezing out so we picked our tree quite quickly.

 Mike's parents truck loaded up with some family trees!
Just couldn't pass up a bean boots picture... its a problem... I know.
Sunday we spent some time decorating the house for Christmas. I was feeling a under the weather so we didn't end up decorating the tree yet.
We did hang some lights and we put garland along the stairs! 
Monday was the start to a strange week... I went into work monday morning not feeling well, left at noon, by 2:00 got an email saying I didn't have a job anymore, at 3:00 got on an email for an interview for a new job, and 48 hours later I was hired for said job. It was weird, God is weird. And yet all of this is so good, so good that I can't even put it into words. God is so strange in the way he takes care of us sometimes. Theres a lot more to the story than this but this is the gist of it. Anyway, my new job doesn't start till January so I have month of frolicking around and being a temporary housewife. And that is just fine with me. So naturally I went foraging yesterday for some greenery, cause that's what housewives do right?
 A final product from my foraging. 
I hope you are all having a joyous start to the Christmas/Advent season! 


  1. I know things are hard and confusing right now with work. But I hope you know that you are an incredible and valuable person and you will do great things! Just have patience and continue to do the best you can at everything you do. And of course enjoy this time of freedom and your first married Christmas! I would kill for a month off. ;) We love you guys!

    1. Just saw this comment! Thanks so much for the encouragement! We had lots of fun in Leavenworth with you guys!