Monday, October 7, 2013

Wedding Palettes

So now that I am engaged, I guess that means I am planning a wedding. For quite some time now I have been into interior design, art, and decorating, yet I have had very little opportunity to turn my inspiration into real life. I don't draw, paint, or sew and I don't own a house to decorate, not to mention I have been living on a college budget for the past four years. I have this lovely event called a wedding to plan and I could not be more excited. So far, I have come to learn that I love the creative aspects of wedding planning, but not the realistic parts. 

I love looking at pretty food but I don't want to deal with corresponding with caterers.
I love putting together color pallets and inspiration boards but I have a hard time actually turning them into reality. 
I want to have all the people I love and care about surround Mike and I on out big day but man, making a guest list is stressful. 
In the end, planning this event is going to be so good for me. It is going to keep my creative juices flowing and help me (mostly force me) to put those dreams into a reality. 

A lot of this inspiration comes from our venue (which I will post about later). It is rustic, woodsy, and involves lots of tall tress, ferns, wood, and water. 

These pictures and their sources can all be found here on my pinterest.

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  1. Ya ya ya! Beautiful, Julie!! I'd much rather dream up creative ideas than have to put them into reality, too.