Saturday, October 5, 2013

San Juan Island Engagement

We drove north and hopped on a ferry
in one of the heaviest rain storms of the year
We planned to camp, but due to the weather we had to glamp (oh shucks.)
The red head made me a leather pouch, I thought "how cute, a pouch!"
Little did I know inside that leather pouch was a shiny ring.
The proposal was a simple affair. He popped the question when we were huddled under blankets looking at a map of the island while it was pouring rain outside; it was perfect.
We explored the island and watched for orca whales. We went to a few bookstores and ate clam chowder. We played checkers by a fireplace and had breakfast for dinner. We spent a whole 24 hours being engaged before anyone else knew, it was lovely. 

Being with Mike has been quite the journey. It was about two years ago that this tall red head walked up to me in the backstage of a symphony hall and introduced himself, all for the sake of having to talk to the beautiful girl with the crazy hair (which, to my great disbelief, was me). Even though he was a complete stranger, I knew our first introduction was the start of something life changing.  
By God's grace we have made it to this point and we are so grateful. This relationship has been humbling, full of joy, frustrating at times, and oh so beautiful. 

Here's to our next step, engagement!


  1. Love this! So beautiful. So happy for you dear!

  2. so beautifully expressed...thanks for sharing this little glimpse into your relationship...julie, i am soooo happy for you! xo