Saturday, October 12, 2013

Hello October

It is becoming blustery up here in Seattle and I love it.  There is frost on my car in the morning, there is a crunch in my step as I walk over fallen tree stars, and I officially have to wear socks for the next six months, huzzah! 
I've been enjoying my new clogs and pumpkin tea. Bliss.
 I've been enjoying our last stretch of 60 degree weather. I am not ready to say goodbye; up here we have to wait till May to get it back. Shot taken on the ferry from Southworth back to West Seattle.
This week I was blessed with the time, the gas in my car, and the weather to enjoy this beautiful hike. One of the reasons I love living in Seattle is that I can get to the mountains in under an hour. Its great when you are feeling impulsive and you need to clear some serious thoughts from your noggin.

(Left): Fig+maple scone from one of my favorite cafes in the city
(Right): Homemade pumpkin scones and a cup of coffee, yum.


  1. I'm supa-excited for November.

  2. There is probably nothing better than October in the Northwest.