Saturday, March 16, 2013


This morning I open my wallet, finding $25 wrapped in a shoe string. $25 that I did not earn. that was graciously given to me so I could have enough gas to drive out of the city. Immediate thought: I do not deserve this, not for one second. So often I get caught in the tangles of what I do and do not deserve. When in the end, what do we all deserve anyway?

Perhaps life has nothing to do with what we deserve. Perhaps life has everything to do with grace. Isn't this all a precious gift anyway? I did not choose to be born, but here I am. No, I don't deserve that $25 dollars but we would all kill ourselves walking around and pointing out what we deserve and don't deserve.

So here it is on this saturday morning, a thought to remember and perhaps tape up on the wall next to my bed.

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