Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sweet Summer

Somehow it is already July 11th. Somehow summer has snuck up on me. Mostly I have been commuting on the I-5 (so much traffic, good Lord!) and hanging out with my wonderful campers in the great outdoors; not many people can say they kayak and rock climb for a living. I got a gym membership at the YMCA and signed up for a triathlon in August. I went on vacation (will post about that soon!) and it was absolutely beautiful but too short. Here are some pictures do document even more of what I have been doing...

Going to the farmers market and seeing those exciting blue baskets with fresh strawberries

Buying a bouquet of summer flowers

dark chocolate, coffee, and thank you note writing

sunsets from my new neighborhood. I think I can get used to you, West Seattle.

Perks to being a counselor for an outdoor recreation day camp, you get to see moose!

I have found the treasure that many thrifters dream to find. Overalls have been at the top of my thrifting list for many years (along with a vintage mexican blouse, danskos, and an old patagonia fleece). I finally found the perfect pair. 

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  1. And you thought this summer (after college) would never come!