Sunday, April 14, 2013


We discovered our house can hold a pretty fine outdoor dinner party

all for the celebration of a dear friends birthday. 

I celebrated the birthday of this precious one year old

I also celebrated my own birthday, yay 22! 

Party cake.

Not only was it my birthday but also Mike and Greg's. So many April birthdays!

I surprised my love with a dinner that he thought would only be for the two of us (how boring is that??) Instead, I invited all his friends and family without him knowing. Surprises really are the best thing. 

I warmed my feet with this pup's fur. Spring in Washington means 42 degrees and hailing.

I attended a joyous wedding that my darling was a groomsmen in. It really made me reflect on how valuable relationships are and that marriage is something to be cherished and protected. I honestly believe that watching people say their vows is one of the most beautiful experiences.

Isn't he the handsomest? A bow tie and suspenders does him well. 

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  1. Those wedding photos of you two are pretty adorable.