Thursday, May 14, 2015

04: California Edition

Childhood rooms. Solo car rides. Family. Dry air. Too many smoothies. Birks everyday. Salt water. Eucalyptus. Pale skin turned pink. Learning to be independent amidst dependency. 
Beach foliage.
Mexican dress by the poolside.
 Purple Bougainvillea.
 A little SLO home.
 The fantasy land that is Santa Barbara.
Biologists friend perks.
Adobe. Jacaranda. Bougainvillea. 
Smoothie. Birks. Old flannel that was my moms. 
One must pass through the Shire... arrive in Neverland. 

Big Sur.
Hours of bliss.
Best friend concert meet ups. 
I was not cool enough to be here. And I swear I saw James Franco. 
A great place to wake up to. 
Cappuccino and a scone. 
 Beach time with my family. 
 Goodbye for now. 

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  1. hi julie! it was nice to 'meet' you through instagram. just wanted to say that you have a beautiful blog :) and if you ever want to meet up to chat about books/writing/whatnot, definitely let me know!