Monday, June 9, 2014

Weekend Away

This past week was an unpredictable and heartbreaking one. I lost one of my jobs (which was a bittersweet situation) and then there was the horrible tragedy that happened at Mike and I's alma mater, SPU. I won't say much on the subject because right now words are failing me. Perhaps another time I will write about it, but for now the event is a little too fresh. Mike and I had been planning to visit friends in Port Townsend, WA and it was perfect timing; the trip was so refreshing and rejuvenating. 
 We stopped at an awesome nursery on the way and got some seedlings for our future garden!
Downtown Port Townsend. This place is amazing!
 Mike and his friend Sam. They are a pair of goons, in the best way possible. 
 They took us to what they called "The Ends of the Earth"
 We climbed down the cliff side on a rope and walked along the beach hunting for sea glass
 Capturing light during golden hour
 Sam and Aubrey live in the most amazing little spot. They rent a portion of the house on the right and it is surrounded by a community garden and an amazing yurt. Their landlords are gracious enough to share the yurt with Sam and Aubrey.
 The moment I walked into their yard I was in heaven
 Our little home for the weekend. Mike and I now have dreams of building one of our own. 
Exploring Fort Warden State Park.
I was such a lovely weekend full of exploring, friends, laughter, good food, games, and relaxation. Mike and I are going to keep Port Townsend on our list of places we could live in the future. 

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