Friday, February 28, 2014

28 Days

Every year I thank God for the shortness of February; its container of 28 days always breezes by and makes me utter "Is it March already?" "Are we really changing our clocks in a week?" "Is spring really only 21 days away?" I tend to hold my breath and close my eyes through February and early March, fixating on how every second lived is just one second closer to spring; I keep my head down until I know that when I look up I will see blossoms. This technique is not one that I would suggest and I am slowly trying to change and lift my eyes from the ground during this season, finding gratitude amidst great anticipation. Here are some snippets of life and gratitude from the past 28 days.

Sun filled offices. Snowy train rides. Fresh clementines. King Street Station. Breakfast at the best place on the planet. Bitter cold hikes before the snow hit. Many days spent in Seattle due to my car breaking down, but at least that meant many days with my man. Back to work. Back to working out. Choco-coconut oatmeal and a down comforter. Iced coffee and a cookie on an unseasonably warm and sunny February afternoon.

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