Sunday, May 5, 2013

From April to May

 April has passed away, and the rain too; for now. May has come to us, with all her glory;  through tantalizing sun beams and warm winds.

The last of the spring blossoms

We made a trip to the tulips. Mike let me prance around like a princess. He is such a trooper.

If hugs were flowers, they would be tulips

So many colors.

I fearlessly got back on my bike (after a bad fall) and rode to beautiful places. Golden Gardens included

Shared many morning breakfasts (our favorite meal) with this sleepy bear. He really is the best. 

It was 80 degrees. So we found the closest thing to California we could. 

She dunked her head in the Puget Sound, I got a sunburn. It was fabulous.

And to my city, you truly have stolen my heart. Seattle, I love you.

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